Sveifla frá Álfhólum Prenta Rafpóstur

sveifla1Sveifla frá Álfhólum.

Ætt   -   IS2003284638 - Sveifla frá Álfhólum
F: IS1995184666 - Eldvaki frá Álfhólum
FF: IS1990184730 - Andvari frá Ey I
FM: IS1979284670 - Vaka frá Álfhólum
M: IS1996284677 - Lyfting frá Álfhólum
MF: IS1986186025 - Tígur frá Álfhólum
MM: IS1989284669 - Lausn frá Álfhólum





sveifla4 sveifla2








Sveifla frá Álfhólum is a 4 gated middel size mere a Competition horse. She is moothe gated with good willingness. Sveifla need a exsperianced rider. Sveifla is a lot ridden and educated nice looking and good character. Sveifla has a interesting breeding line and would be good breeding and riding mare. Sveifla is pregnant from Kaspar frá Kommu. Kaspar got 10 for Trot in valuation for breeding and is one of the most interesting four gated stallion thag you can choose out of in Iceland. Sveifla will exspect the filly urly spring 2011.  





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